New contributor: Folko

I finally got one of the other nerds to pass along some content. Eventually, I’ll set things up so that posts from different authors are identified as such. In the meantime, I’ll tag each post with the author’s name.

So, let me introduce Folko. He’s a full-fledged beer nerd — and a cigar nerd and a scotch nerd, too. He’s also a part-time homebrewer, although it’s been a while since his crew cooked up anything.

He has good taste, a ton of knowledge and a well-schooled palate. Advance warning, though — many of his tasting sessions involve beer and scotch and cigars, all in the same sitting. He’ll be the first to admit that, at times like those, tastes and smells tend to blend together.

I’m looking forward to getting some of his reviews posted, and hopefully that’ll help improve the frequency of our posts.


2 Responses to “New contributor: Folko”

  1. 1 Brizam February 8, 2010 at 11:39 am

    Have you put a cap on how many F-bombs he can use in each post?

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