New contributor: Robb

I’m really excited to welcome another nerd to the blog.

Robb is not your typical beer nerd. Don’t get me wrong — he appreciates the difference between good beer and crap. The last time I visited him in NYC, he had a big bottle of Chimay Red waiting for us. We drank that, then headed to a very cool Belgian beer bar near Times Square. This was before I was a full-fledged nerd, so I don’t even remember what I drank, but I know the place was worthy.

Anyway, back to Robb. He’s one of the best writers I know, and he has been a blogger for years. He currently runs his own personal site, KiSS THE FiST, and also writes for the Sling Blog. And don’t be surprised if you run into his stuff elsewhere — he’s nothing if not prolific.

On this site, he’ll add a totally different voice and point of view. He’ll write about beer, but it won’t sound anything like what we’ve posted so far.

His first post is almost ready to go, so you should see it soon.


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