A week of Stone at Flying Saucer & Petrol Station

By now you’ve probably heard. If you haven’t, you’re not reading the right blogs or following the right Twitter feeds.

For six straight nights starting tomorrow (Monday, Feb. 15), Houston beer nerds will be in for an awesome vertical tasting. Two of the city’s best beer bars (Flying Saucer and Petrol Station) have teamed up with Stone Brewing for an event they’ve dubbed “Stone’d for Six Days.”

Each night, one of the bars will tap a keg of Stone Imperial Russian Stout, beginning Monday at the Saucer and alternating locations until the finale on Saturday (Feb. 20) at Petrol.

Each night will feature a different vintage of the IRS, beginning with the 2009 and ending with the 2005. Wednesday night will feature a bonus: a bourbon-barrel-aged version of the 2008. Here’s the full lineup, courtesy of the preview post on Beer, TX:

-Monday, Feb. 15: 2009 IRS at the Flying Saucer
-Tuesday, Feb. 16: 2008 IRS at Petrol Station
-Wednesday, Feb. 17: bourbon-barrel-aged 2008 IRS at FS
-Thursday, Feb. 18: 2007 IRS at PS
-Friday, Feb. 19: 2006 IRS at FS
-Saturday, Feb. 20: 2005 IRS at PS

This is a big deal. Stone opened up their stash of aged and rare awesomeness for this event, and word is that Stone head honcho Greg Koch will be down here for at least part of the time.

One last note — Stone Imperial Russian Stout is damn good beer. I reviewed the 2007 IRS last December (when it was nearly three years old) and loved it. And just a few days ago, 29-95 posted a review of a vertical tasting of the IRS, with the 2009, 2007 and 2005 vintages.

I can’t wait to get this thing started tomorrow. I hope to see a lot of Houston beer lovers at some point during the week. And I’ll make sure to post updates on our Twitter feed, @beernerds.


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