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Site update, and the “Beeriodic Table”

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Call it a holiday hangover. We certainly haven’t stopped drinking good beer, though, and that should lead to more content soon. We’ve also been active on Twitter, so if you’re following us there you’ve gotten a taste of all the good stuff we’ve sampled.

Speaking of “we” — I’m excited that a couple of the other Nerds are really close to writing their first posts for the blog. This was never intended to be a one-nerd operation, and I’ve pestered the other guys enough that they’re close to contributing. So keep an eye out for some different voices and viewpoints. Just remember that we’re all nerds, and we all love good beer.

One last thing: I received this link from a number of different people over the holidays. It’s a version of the Periodic Table, but instead of displaying chemical elements, it lists beer styles. A friend of a friend noted that it should be called the “Beeriodic Table”, and who am I to argue with that?

It’s pretty cool. Its best feature is the way it gives you a visual look at how different beer styles are related. If you know you like a certain style and you want to expand your palate, check the table for directions.

Let’s say you like Guinness, but you haven’t tried many other stouts. Guinness is considered an Extra Stout (or Irish Dry Stout, or Export Stout, depending on where you look and where you get it). Both Dry Stout and Foreign Extra Stout are on the Beeriodic Table. Below those styles, you’ll see Sweet Stout and Imperial Stout, respectively.

So next time you feel like a Guinness, push yourself a bit. Look for something such as a Mackeson Triple XXX or a Young’s Double Chocolate on the sweet side, and a Great Divide Yeti or Lagunitas Cappuccino on the imperial side.


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